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July 2009
Vol. 19 No. 7
Your Colleagues
Welcome, new members!


Bergeron, Marc, PhD
Brune, Paul, MD
Dasgupta, Anjali, MD
Drummelsmith, Jolyne, PhD
Heaton, Penny, MD
Lane, Garry, MD
Lane, Stacy, DO
Nandu, Vijay, MD
Rodriguez-Diaz, Ana, MD
Sanderson, Susan, FNP,MSN
Spear, Joel, MD
Suleman Moosa, Mahomed Yunus, MD, PhD


Burch, Mary, PharmD
Chun, Helen, MD
DrIver, Yvette, PharmD
Farias, Seferino, MS
Gold, Mark, PhD
Kusan, Karuna, MD
Matthews, Tracy, BSN, MHA
Morris, Wistar, MBA
Persaud, Roberta, MD
Sherer, Renslow, MD
Watts, Chris, MD
Wise, William, DO


Abualfoul, Ahmed, MD
Ahmad, Waseem, MD
Ameneni, Shashikala, MD
Ashfaq, Ahmad, MD
Ashraf, Muhammad Salman, MD
Atia, Antwan, MD
Azis, Leyla, MD
Bannan, Ciaran, MB, DTM&H, MRCP
Bakker, Richard, MD, PhD
Bhadelia, Nahid, MD
Bharadwaj, Ramesh, MD
Bhusal, Yogesh, MD
Blattman, Negin, MD
Bocchini, Claire, MD
Bolaris, Michael, MD
Boritz, Eli, MD, PhD
Bosch, Wendelyn
Bosques-Rosado, Marisel, MD
Brizendine, Kyle, MD
Cabada, Miguel, MD
Choo, Hoo Feng, MD
Christensen, Diana, MD
Chu, Angel, MD
Chu, Helen, MD
Coffin, Phillip, MD, MPA
Crowe, James, MD
Dallapiazza, Michelle, MD
Davila, Samuel, MD
De La Rorg, Benjamin, MD
Delman, Mark, MD
Delva, Guesly, MD
Dharan, Nila, MD
Doernberg, Sarah, MD
Dumford, Donald, MD
Eisenberg, Nell, MD
Emaleu, Serge Blaise, MD
Ermel, Aaron, MD
Farel, Claire, MD, MPH
Gandhi, Roshni, MD
Geng, Elvin, MD
Gilpin, Nicholas, DO
Goodrich, Suzanne, MD
Gray, Jacob, MD
Green, Julianne, MD, PhD
Gulia, Jyoti, MD, MPH
Haas, Douglas, MD
Harting, Julie, PharmD
Hasan, Anjum, MD
Hayakawa, Kayoko, MD, PhD
Irizarry-Acosta, Melina, MD
Jagannathan, Prasanna, MD
Jain, Ruchika, MD
Jjingo, Caroline, MD
Johnson, James, MD
Johnson, Dan, MD
Jones, Jessica, MD
Joshi, Vishal, MD
Karmon, Sharon, MD, MPH
Kaur, Amandeep, MD
Kilayko, Mary Clarisse, MD
Knackmuhs, Elizabeth, MD
Kohli, Anita, MD
Lancioni, Christina, MD
Levy, Dana, MD
Li, Aldon, MD
Liang, Stephen, MD
Lin, Leyi, MD
Liscynesky, Christina, MD
Marcos, Luis, MD
Marquez, Lucila, MD
Martin, Andrew, MD
McDermott, Rena, MD
McNeil, Jonathan, MD
McNelley, Erin, MD
Menajovsky, Jose, MD
Miko, Benjamin, MD
Minnema, Brian, MD
Morgan, Ana Elizabeth, MD
Nayak, Seema, MD
Nichol, Aran, MD
Nott, Sujatha, MD
Omikunle, Adebomi, MD
Oppenheimer, Ana Paula, MD
Osinusi, Olukemi, MD, MPH
Oyer, Ryan, MD
Patel, Diixa, MD
Pham, Huan, MD
Pierce, Virginia, MD
Pierre, Cassandra, MD
Polyak, Christina, MD, MPH
Quezada, Nestor, MD
Rao, Kavitha, MD
Rappo, Urania, MD
Rii, Joyce, DO
Roig, Ingrid, MD
Rosenberg, Oren, MD, PhD
Rotjanapan, Porpon, MD
Rowan, Sarah, MD
Rzepka, Robert, MD
Salamera, Julius, MD
Shah, Javeed, MD
Shapiro, Craig, MD
Simpson, Tameka, DO
Strollo, Stephanie, MD
Subhi, Ahmad, MD
Subramanian, Anuradha, MD
Sullivan, Seth, MD, MPH
Sural, Preethi, MD
Swaminathan, Subramanian, MD
Syed, Uzma, DO
Taimur, Sarah, MD
Thet, Zeyar, MD
Torrento, Marlon, MD,MS
Torres, Katherine, DO
Trevillyan, Janine, MBBS
van der Heijden, Yuri, MD
Vodzak, Jennifer, MD
Wallihan, Rebecca, MD
Watson, Michael, MD, PhD
Westley, Benjamin, MD
Widmer, Kyle, MD
Williams, Susan, MD
Wilson, Eleanor, MD
Yeo, Kee Thai, MD
Young, Heather, MD
Young, Daniel, MD
Youssef, Dima, MD
Zadroga, Rebecca, MD
Zhao, Hui, MD

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