IDSA News - 07/01/2007  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  FDA Gives Green Light for Accelerated Hepatitis Vaccine Schedule
•  New Rotation Offers Fellows Insights on Clinical Practice
•  In the IDSA Journals
•  New International Training Opportunity for ID Fellows
•  Medicare Will Cover Costs of Administering Vaccines
•  Most Antiretrovirals Do Not Require Prior Authorization
•  New Guidelines Advise Against Antibiotics to Prevent Endocarditis
•  New IDSA-Endorsed Hepatitis B Guidelines Released
•  Venous Catheter Billing Demystified
•  New CAP Guidelines Pocket Card Available
•  New CME Course on STD/HIV Prevention with HIV-Positive Patients
•  Dengue Outbreak in Latin America
•  IOM: Time for PEPFAR to Think Long-Term
•  EIN Members Reporting Unusual Adenovirus Pneumonia Activity
•  FDA Seeks IDSA Members to Serve as Expert Consultants
•  Guidance Released on Mask Use During a Flu Pandemic
•  From the President
•  Medical Groups Line Up to Oppose Cefquinome for Use in Beef Cattle
•  OSHA Releases Pandemic Flu Guidance for Health Care Workers
•  Resistant Gonorrhea on the Rise
•  In Memoriam: Elias Abrutyn, MD, FIDSA
•  HIVMA Awards New Minority Clinical Fellowships
•  Members on the Move
•  Welcome, New IDSA Members!
•  IDSA and SHEA Offer MRSA Awards
•  Robert Austrian, MD, FIDSA, Leader in the Fight Against Pneumococcal Diseases
•  Expanded Access to Handheld Guidelines
•  New Guidelines on STDs Covered in CID Supplement
•  U.S. TB Infrastructure Eroding
•  Varicella Vaccine Update: ProQuad To Run Out in July
•  Survey Finds Medicare Part D Trouble for HIV Patients


FDA Gives Green Light for Accelerated Hepatitis Vaccine Schedule

Travelers who come to a travel clinic one more before departure can now be more confident that they'll get good protection against hepatitis.  The Food and Drug Administration has given the green light for changes to the package insert for hepatitis A inactiviated and hepatitis B (recombinant) vaccine, for an accelerated dosing schedule of 0, 7, 21-30 days and a month-12 booster dose.