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In this issue:
•  CDC Recommends Influenza Vaccine for
•  Key Studies Proposed to Answer Basic Questions
•  Welcome to the New IDSA News!
•  Help Win Medicare Coverage for Antimicrobial
•  IDSA On Your Behalf
•  Physicians Could See 10 Percent Pay Cut
•  IDSA E-mail Alerts Keep You in the Loop on Outbreaks, Drug Recalls
•  Be Sure To Take Advantage of These JID and CID Resources
•  New Online Course Features Modules on Avian Flu
•  In Memoriam: Ward Bullock, Jr., MD
•  Members on the Move
•  IDSA 2007 Elections: Donít Forget to Vote!
•  Welcome, New IDSA Members!
•  In the IDSA Journals
•  ACIP Issues New Immunization Recommendations
•  West Nile Virus Epidemic Continues
•  New JID Supplement Tackles HIV-TB Co-infection
•  Practice Management Resources Available


CDC Recommends Influenza Vaccine for

Federal officials are urging influenza vaccination for all health care workers (HCWs) as part of a strategy to boost immunization rates for influenza.

Estimated coverage rates are less than 50 percent among critical groups for whom annual influenza vaccination is recommended, including HCWs, young children, adults with risk factors for influenza complications, and pregnant women.

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends implementing or expanding strategies such as reminder/recall systems and standing orders programs. Among other considerations, CDC states that health care facilities should consider the level of vaccination coverage among HCWs to be one measure of patient safety and quality. In a move previously supported by IDSA, CDC suggests obtaining signed statements from HCWs who decline influenza vaccination.

The report makes no changes concerning the groups for whom vaccination is recommended or the antiviral medications used for chemoprophylaxis or treatment (oseltamivir or zanamivir).

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