IDSA News - 09/01/2007  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  2007 Clinical Practice Meeting Slides Available
•  HIV CME Available
•  ID/HIV Career Center at IDSA 2007
•  Locating IDSA Members Made Easy
•  New Guide for Launching HIV Testing in the ER
•  CMS Reverses Policy on Pay Cuts for Medical Directors
•  Travel Medicine Questions? Home Infusions?
•  EIN: Managing Prosthetic Joint Infections
•  In the IDSA Journals
•  IDSA, NIH Address Grant-making, Peer Review Challenges
•  Stores Offering Cheap Antibiotics Should Educate About Resistance—IDSA, CDC
•  Indonesia Withholds H5N1 Samples in Protest
•  Members on the Move
•  Plan Now for IDSA Annual Meeting, October 4-7, San Diego
•  Welcome, New IDSA Members!
•  New Histoplasmosis Guidelines Released
•  Medicare Ends Reimbursement for Some Hospital-acquired Conditions


2007 Clinical Practice Meeting Slides Available

Slides from the 2007 Clinical Practice Meeting now are available online. See presentations on billing and coding, choosing an electronic medical records system, running an efficient OPAT or HIV clinic, recruiting physicians, negotiating with payers, and much more.