IDSA News - September 2014  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
Patient Care and Science
•  Sanford Guide Releases Mobile App for Lab Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases
•  NVAC Standards for Adult Immunization: What Do They Mean for the ID Specialist?
•  HCV Treatment Guidance Now Includes Information on Prioritizing Patients
Clinical Practice Management
•  New Resources on Co-management Agreements and Antimicrobial Stewardship Now Available
•  IDSA, HIVMA Appeal Medicaid Restrictions on Who Treats HCV
Policy and Advocacy
•  IDSA Convenes New National Stakeholder Group on Antimicrobial Resistance
•  Federal Funding Process Stalled Just Weeks Ahead of New Fiscal Year
•  Health Groups Share Federal Funding Experiences with Congress
•  Advocacy on New Antibacterial Drug Pathway Continues in the House
•  IDSA Submits Comments to FDA on Draft Guidance on Diagnostics
Global ID
•  Highlights from 20th International AIDS Conference
Education and Resources
•  Concerns Regarding Changes to MOC Requirements Shared with ABIM
•  IDSA Education and Research Foundation Launches New Website
•  Sign Up for OFID Table of Contents Alerts
You and Your Colleagues
•  In Memoriam: Gene H. Stollerman, MD, FIDSA (1920-2014)
•  IDSA Announces 2014 Fellows
•  Members on the Move
•  New Members
Top Stories
•  Presidentís Message: With the Spotlight on Drug Resistance, Itís Time for the ID Specialistís Role in Stewardship to Shine
•  IDSA Provides Ebola Resources for ID Clinicians
•  Countdown to IDWeek 2014
•  IDSA Journal Club


Sanford Guide Releases Mobile App for Lab Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

IDSA and the American Society of Microbiology (ASM) have teamed up with the Sanford Guide to develop a new mobile app, Lab Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases, in an effort to provide convenience and portability for physicians and lab personnel responsible for diagnosis of infectious diseases.

The app is an updated and newly organized adaptation of the 2013 Guide to Utilization of the Microbiology Laboratory for Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases originally published by IDSA and ASM in Clinical Infectious Diseases. The app provides a guide for clinicians and lab personnel, specifying what tests should be used under which circumstances and how specimens should be collected and managed to achieve the most accurate results. Covering the key points related to diagnostic testing, the content of the app is organized by anatomic systems and selected pathogens for easy reference.

Ideally suited for use on hospital rounds, in the examination room, and in the laboratory, the app combines portability with a wide range of functions: full-text search, bookmarks, notes, context-sensitive drop-down menus, and menu-based navigation. The new app is available for both Apple and Android devices as an annual subscription for $19.99 per year. Relevant updates will be made as necessary and appropriate throughout the subscription period.

The content of the app represents the collaborative scientific efforts of IDSA and ASM members supplying expertise in a variety of areas including infectious diseases, pathology, and microbiology. The adaptation of the original guidelines to this updated and re-organized mobile version resulted from the infectious diseases expertise and digital development experience of the Sanford Guide.